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Features of Handheld Digital TDS Meter

High Quality, affordable TDS meter

Great tool to check TDS of drinking water, pool, spas, Aquarium etc

Convenient reading & recording

Auto-off function to conserve battery use

Accuracy: +/-2%

Highly efficient & accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology

100% reliable

Display: large and easy-to-read LCD screen.

Package Includes:

1 x TDS Meter Tester

1 x User Manual

1 x Original Leather Case


TDS stands for total dissolved solids. The water you drink always has some impurities in it. In fact, these impurities are needed by your body, so they have to be there. However, there is a certain level of impurities or contaminants that is fit for human consumption. When the level of impurities in water goes beyond this level, one must stop drinking this water to avoid its long term harms. When you measure TDS, using a tds meter, you measure the volume of all dissolved solids in water against pure water. This means your TDS meter should show low TDS readings to indicate that your water is safe for your use.

Understanding Total Dissolved Solids

The first question that pops in your head when you hear about TDS is what these solids really are. These solids can be many different forms of minerals and impurities. It could be metals, minerals and ions (positive and negative). These minerals are good for your health but only at certain levels. Your TDS meter tests the water to tell you if the content of these impurities is within the acceptable limits. The solids present in your water can nitrates, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride, potassium etc. Their levels can change in water depending on the region and other conditions.

Keeping in mind that stripping water completely of these minerals and impurities makes water useless. It does not fulfill the requirements of the body and is thus harmful. Too many impurities can cause severe threats to every organ and function of the body. The best thing about these minerals and impurities is that when they are present in water in ample quantities, they make water taste pleasant. Distilled water i.e. water completely stripped of all the impurities can be very difficult for people to drink because it does not taste pleasing to them but rather has a toxic taste to it.

Source of TDS

One important thing to know about TDS is where they come into the water from. There are many sources that add solids to water such as toxic waste from industries, pesticides, fertilizers etc. When water travels on rocks or falls from the sky it traps the solids from rocks or from atmosphere. In a similar fashion, when water travels through the pipelines, it collects with it impurities like copper and lead. Use of anti-skid materials and chemicals for purifying water can also result in increased TDS of water. Whatever the source of TDS is, the most important thing is to keep the water clean.

It is highly recommended that use filters to keep your water free of harmful ions, dissolved solids etc. However, you have to keep on changing the filtering components to ensure their working.

A TDS Meter – When You Are Healthy, We Are Happier

At A TDS Meter we have taken it upon our shoulders to provide you the best TDS meter out there. Unfortunately, a great population of people around the world is not aware of how pure or impure their water is. To make it worse, they don’t have any idea as to how they can check the purity or impurity of the water they are drinking. If the water you are drinking is impure beyond the acceptable levels, it might not seem harmful in the beginning but it can cause serious harms to your body in the long run.

Water Is Life But. . .

Yes, there is no doubt about the fact that water is life, but only when it is clean and within the acceptable ranges of impurities. When you say TDS, you are talking about total dissolved solids in the water. There is a certain level of these dissolved solids that can be accepted as non-harmful for humans. Any readings beyond that level are an indication that such water should not be used. You are only as healthy as the water you drink. Since your body is made of 70% water, anything wrong with the water will be harmful for your body.

You have to keep in mind that water coming from different sources can have different levels of TDS in it. When you use filters you are doing your best to bring the TDS levels in your water. The higher the reading the more harmful the water will be for you. Certain level of impurities can be accepted and you can still drink water. However, after certain levels, you are asked to quit that water or drink it only after proper filtration. So, if you notice that your family gets sick all too often, it is best that you get your water checked.

A TDS Meter Is the Perfect Solution

There is nothing as effective and easy to use as a TDS meter. We make sure to give our customers the best TDS meter out there. It is easy to use and gives you the reading of TDS on a big display. Using this TDS meter is as easy as inserting its tip in the water for a couple of minutes and then just check the reading. If the readings are not within the acceptable levels within your region, such water needs to be kept at a distance from you and whoever you know.

Our TDS meter is easy to use, gives clear and big readings on a big display, and has an accuracy of more or less 2%. Automatic options on the meter turn the display off if it remains silent for some time. This ensures maximum battery life from the battery. The new microprocessor in the modern TDS meter is light on the battery. The meter is small and fits easily in the pocket for maximum portability. You will have a hard time finding a better option on the market than this TDS meter.

We are always ready to answer your questions about our product and general inquiries. Get in touch with us so we can help you with your concerns.

Understanding How TDS Meter Works

Just like you clean your food items before eating them, you need to ensure the cleanliness of water before you drink it. However, it is not as simple to clean water as it is to clean anything solid. Furthermore, if some water in a container looks clean to you it does not mean it is clean. There are certain ways to check the cleanliness of water or the amount of impurities present in it. One of the best ways to check the impurity content of water is to use the TDS meter. It is a simple, compact, and lightweight handheld device that measures the TDS content of water within seconds.

How Do You Use It

The design of a TDS meter is more like a pen. You could say it is a very thick pen with a display on it. When you want to measure the TDS content of water, you insert the designated thin side of the meter in water. After a few seconds the numbers appear vividly on the screen. It is best that you use the TDS meter to check the total dissolved content of tap water first and then the water from your filter. The difference in TDS for filtered and non-filtered (tap water) water will show you if your filter is really working well.

If the readings are same or very close for both filtered and tap water, you should not even bother spending your money on the filter. In most cases, the level of TDS will be really high in tap water. Distilled water is the cleanest but it does not taste really good to people. When you see the reading on your TDS meter, this shows you the amount of impurities in water. This reading should never be above 1200 because that’s the borderline of good drinking water and unsafe water.


TDS Level (mg/l) Less Than 300 300-600 600-900 900-1200 Above 1200
Ratings Excellent Good Fair Poor Unacceptable

How to Understand the Readings

When you look at the reading on your TDS meter, it shows you how many milligrams of impurities are present in the water you have tested. This quantity of the impurities must never be above 500mg/liter because this water can pose serious dangers to your health. The presence of impurities is calculated as parts per million. If the impurity level is above 900 mg/liter, this water is about to become unfit for your health. As soon as it crosses the TDS level of 1200 ppm, it becomes completely unusable for humans.

How TDS Meter Really Works

The basic method used by TDS meter revolves around the level of conductivity of electricity. When the water is pure H2O, you can’t expect it to conduct electricity because there are no ions in it. When there are a lot of ions, positive and negative, in water, the conductivity takes place smoothly. You convert EC by a factor of 1.0 times the electrical conductivity to make calculations of TDS.

This amazing handheld device that does such a responsible job is available at the most competitive rates from their competitors. Get a TDS meter today and know how good or bad your water is for your health before drinking it.

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